The Colfax Indian Cemetery/Burial Grounds, have been historically used by the Nisenan Maidu/Miwok families for generations. Through verbal and documented history the cemetery/burial grounds can be traced to the early 1800's and beyond.

Historically, the location of where the Colfax Indian Cemetery sits now, is one of the last known village sites in Colfax before the establishment of Illinoistown. The village or the camp as it was called, was known as Wallace Camp.

After the establishment of Illinoistown (what would become present day Colfax, CA), the cemetery feel into white owned private property. The owner of the property returned the cemetery property back to the local Nisenan Maidu/Miwok families, so they could continue to maintain cultural traditions and traditional care taking of the property.

The care and up keep has been passed down from generation to generation by the family members laid to rest in the cemetery. Each family works together in the upkeep of the property.